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The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association on the Piazza during Council, 1882.

Bring your lunch and learn about Library Fellow Lindsey M. Fisher-Hunt's research project, Mapping Their Influence: The Widespread Reach of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association. This project explores the deep social, educational, and familial connections between women of the postbellum world and how they used those connections to save not just George Washington’s house, but historic sites across the Atlantic World. Created as both a digital history project for students and a coffee table book for a general audience, this work of public history will visualize the soft power that postbellum women utilized to create a culture of historic preservation across the United States and beyond.


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Lindsey Fisher-Hunt is currently a dual enrollment lecturer at Middle Tennessee State University and an adjunct faculty member at Western Kentucky University. She teaches both US history and world history with a focus on decolonization. Her dissertation, Ignored Stories, Missed Opportunities: Women’s Representation in Early-to-Mid Nineteenth Century Historic House Museums, examines public-facing interpretation of women’s history in historic house museums. She plans to use her time at Mount Vernon to examine the global impact of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association on the preservation world of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Recipient of the Amelie W. Cagle Fellowship

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