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Washington at Valley Forge, John McGoffin, 1859. Mount Vernon Collection.

Bring your lunch and learn about Library Fellow Meg E. Roberts's research project, Caregiving and Crisis in the American Revolutionary War.


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Meg E. Roberts is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Cambridge, UK. Her dissertation explores the lives, networks, and practices of caregivers during the American Revolutionary War. The project centers the precariously employed, indentured, and enslaved caregivers whose labor underpinned early American care networks, and examines the role of 'crisis' and coercion in the Continental Army's demands for civilians' caregiving labor and household resources during the war. Meg's work incorporates material as well as textual sources, such as household objects used for everyday care (e.g. nursing, washing, cleaning, and cooking), to make more tangible the experiences of caregivers who are largely absent from the archival record. Meg is a member of the Washington Presidential Library's 2023-24 Class of Research Fellows.

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