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Join us for lunch and compelling discussion with author Jennifer London, who will discuss her new book, Profiles in Character: Sixteen Americans and the Traits that Defined Them. This fascinating new publication delves into individual character attributes that shaped and informed these important Americans in their vital roles in history.

This event is part of the Washington Library's new Lunch at the Library series. A boxed lunch (including sandwich or salad, fruit, pasta, cookie, chips, and drink) will be provided.


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About the Book

Profiles in Character delves into individual character attributes that shaped and informed these sixteen Americans in their vital roles in history. What singular attribute gave each of them the strength to take monumental risks for a cause or a belief? Was it an early childhood experience? A family dynamic or role model? Their faith? Readers can glean the difficulty in the life paths these individuals chose-one that threatened high risk and promised high rewards, though not for themselves. That is a true measure of character.

These thirteen men and three women made or changed history. While they are widely revered and respected, none had a perfect life path, but each had strong character. They likely had outside influences that shaped them. Still, each could summon and rely on one unique character trait that guided them to make decisions and take actions that ultimately defined them and their legacies.

Dr. Jennifer London

Jennifer London earned her Ph.D. in psychology from the Ohio State University and postdoctoral education in marketing from the University of Pittsburgh School of Business. She has a diversified background in strategic planning, business development, executive hiring, marketing and community relations. As a consultant to CACI International, she supported the company’s strategic mergers and acquisitions program and was a Strategic Advisor to the Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board of CACI, Dr. J. Phillip (Jack) London.

Dr. London co-authored four books with her late husband Dr. Jack London, including Our Good Name; Character: The Ultimate Success Factor; and Ever Vigilant: Leadership and Legacy by the Executive Chairman of CACI about the history and strategies that propelled CACI from a $100 million consulting company to a $5.7 billion multinational information technology company that supports some of America’s most critical national priorities.

In 2019 Dr. London launched the “National American History and Founders Month” initiative and she continues to support the “Mount Vernon Prize for Excellence in History and Civics in Honor of Dr. Jennifer London” which was created by her late husband in 2020. In 2022, she supported the creation of the Dr. Jack London Geospatial Fund by the Institute for the Study of War in honor of her husband’s legacy and passion for advancing national security.

Dr. London is a co-host of “E Pluribus Unum” a weekly radio program and podcast aimed at promoting national unity among Americans.  As a thought leader, she has been interviewed by national radio and TV programs on topics including business, history, national security, and the military. She has also spoken to senior military leaders at the National Press Club, Ft. Belvoir and the USO.

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